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Winter Solstice Pranic Healing Salon  Saturday, Dec 21st


Winter Solstice is one of two strongest healing times of the year.  This year we are excited to offer a FULL day of Pranic Healing, facilitated by Kim Siar, MS, and all at a wonderful price!


Dress comfortably.  Enter the center to warmth and soothing scents in the air.  There are plenty of blankets if you would like to wrap yourself in more comfort.  Feel welcomed as you join with the rest of the group.  Coffee, Tea and water are always complimentary.  Today, lite snacks will also be available.


We begin with a full Meditation on Twin Hearts at 10am.  This is a group session to prepare for the amazing work about to be done.  Meditation on Twin Hearts has published research in scientific journals on its benefits for individuals, groups and even communities. 


After meditation, have a snack, or relax and unwind with the rest of the group.


Sessions begin at 11 am 


Your choice of personal sessions… 


Full Body Crystal Healing

Cellular Healing (can help with weight management and body sculpting)

Stress Healing (may also remove fine lines and wrinkles)

Migraine Healing

Aura Cleanse with Brain and Chakra Clear (3 chakras)

Specific Organ Energy Cleanse (kidney, liver, lung, etc)

Full Chakra Clearing (all 11)

Emotional Clearing

Mental Recharging

Smoking Cessation

And more…..


Grand Invocation begins at 2pm.  Seal your healing and the wonderful energies around you in a group setting which makes everything that much stronger. 


Sessions continue until 5pm


Meditations are $20 to attend.


Personal sessions last about 30 minutes and cost $75 each.

Special 3 sessions $150

Full Day Pass $200  (includes all group sessions and up to 4 personal sessions)


There will be a minimum of 4 advanced Pranic Healers available.  If you have a specific healer in mind, an appointment is suggested. 


Doors open at 9:45


Winter Solstice Pranic Healing Salon Day